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Dawn Landrum
cell (318) 426-8674
George Landrum
cell (318) 415-9031
Amber Landrum
cell (318) 834-0853

Thanks for submitting!

If you would like to set up actors to audition or secure talent for your project please contact the agents at our agent business email: or phone our agents: Dawn Landrum 318-426-8674 or George Landrum 318-415-9031
*Talent do NOT use any of the above methods of contact!!
Thank you so much for choosing Landrum.  
Our agency does not always have our New Talent Division (NTD) open to new Talent. 
However, if an applicant happens to fit a current opening we will begin the consideration process and contact the Talent. 
We review the NTD sporadically as needed. 
It's very important to learn our process before applying. 
Email ONLY the assigned email address to be considered.
Applying Talent may NOT email or any other non NTD email for any reason.
Please DO NOT call/text the office or agents if you are seeking representation.
Please DO NOT drop by the office. You will not get in.  Agents do not take meetings with drop-ins.  
Only our NTD agent screens applicants as needed and when time permits. 
If you are being referred to us it's important that the person referring you notify us in advance.
We will check references and confirm referrals.
Note: We define a "referral" as someone we know and trust who knows you personally as well as professionally and will vouch for your character, ability and work ethic.  
Do not state you are referred by someone if you do not know them very well.
-Please follow our very specific instructions below.  This IS a test. 
-Please do not apply if you already have an exclusive agent in the SE.  *unless special circumstances 
-Email: Head shot, fully clothed full body head to toe photo, resume, link to reel, link to web sites, link to social media, location, age, appearance, skills, references
-It's best not to simultaneously submit to other agents in the SE at the same time.  Many view it as unprofessional.  It's best to do your homework to find an agent that seems the best fit for you and apply to only that agent.    Choosing an agent is very important.  It's best to apply and give agent a week or two before reaching out to another agent. 
-Landrum has followed instruction from very respected casting directors who request that agents be exclusive in the SE. It seems everyone knows everyone and it's problematic to have multiple agents submit same talent on same projects.  It's a tight market and CDs know all of the larger agents already.  
-Already established Talent who have CA or NY agents prior to applying are welcome to apply as long as other agents are notified and are willing to work with Landrum as being the Talent's exclusive SE agent. 
-Talent who have TX agent prior to signing with Landrum may apply as long as TX agent will not submit Talent anywhere east of TX border once signing with Landrum.  Each agreement exclusivity is specific per Talent situation. 
-Talent who have a manager who come to Landrum by manager will follow the Agent/Manager agreement and VIP submission process. 
-New developing Talent must be "booking ready" prior to applying. This means Talent is already schooled on the business of acting as well as on set protocols, vocabulary, how to audition, have the required tools, be part of Actors Access, Casting Networks, IMDB etc. and are trained for film, tv, stage, commercial acting according to Talent's specific field of expertise.   There are special considerations for young child actors who show extreme ability.
-Be meticulous in following instructions.  This is a professional job and not for hobbyists.  
If you cannot follow our questionnaire and audition process you will not be able to follow real audition instructions and there is no point in moving forward until you can do so.  
1) If you are hand selected by agents or are referred to us by someone we know and trust you will be given a special VIP email address to use to apply. 
An auto response will occur with a two step instruction process to follow.  This address will not be posted to the public.
2) All who are not referred and wish to apply may email  You will get an auto reply message.  Follow the instructions very carefully.  Only those who pass the test and fit a current opening will be contacted with additional information, instruction or offer. 
3) We do not always open our NTD for new talent.  You are welcome to apply even if we are not obviously open at the moment for new Talent consideration. 
We visit our NTD applications when we have a specific need or a spot on roster opens.  Patience often pays off for actors who are in the NTD pending queue.
4) When you email us put the following in the SUBJECT LINE: NAME, AGE, LOCATION, WHERE YOU WORK AS LOCAL HIRE, APPEARANCE, and any other quick note to grab our attention that may make you stand out.  
EXAMPLE: Jane Doe, age 5, Texas, local hire to all southeast, mixed race, freckles, stocky, coogan, bi lingual, home schooled, permits in TX, CA, NY, expert singer.
5) Once you email and send in your questionnaire and video audition you are welcome to follow up.  Do not expect a reply. We only reply to those we have interest in when opening arises.  We do appreciate professional persistence and make note. 
6) If you get accepted by another SE agent while in our NTD pending queue please email us and in subject line put:
7) Regardless if you are contacted by our NTD agent to move forward or if you never hear back we encourage you to always stick with your dream and keep trying until you succeed.  Our not contacting you to offer you a contract is often something simple that has nothing to do with your look or ability.  We may already have an actor just like you. Or we may not have an opening for Talent in your location.  Or we may be in the middle of pilot or episodic season when we close our NTD entirely because we are too busy booking actors to review new applicants.  
You have something special and we believe that you can become whatever you set your mind to and work hard for.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for applying!  
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