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Meet the Agents

Image by Jakob Owens


Landrum Arts LA aka Landrum Talent aka LALA was established in 2005 with a family of professional agents originating from both California and the Southeast. 


Landrum based in Shreveport Louisiana due to location central to the United States to effectively manage the entire country. 


Our home office is located in Louisiana which is set up as a “right to work” state.  

Landrum lead agents are Dawn and George Landrum, a husband and wife team who have been together since age 16. 

"We travel the country multiple times a year networking and getting to know Casting Directors, productions and other reps...making our presence known in multiple areas.   We spend time where the work is so our talent are considered for all locations."     

Landrum takes time to get to know Talent so when pitching clients the submission comes with knowledge and honesty. 

AmberDawn is the oldest daughter and was Landrum's first successful professional actress. She has several credits under her belt and owns side businesses of her own as well as works part time as director of the Landrum NTD (New Talent Division) and often assists actors in preparing for difficult roles.  AmberDawn is NOT an agent but is part owner and member of the Board of Directors. 


Landrum works diligently to provide exemplary service to Casting Directors and productions providing the best people to work with in both personality, ethics and quality talent ability. 


With in house management, Landrum works to communicate and educate Talent live each week to keep all updated with what is needed to know to be dependable and on top of industry standards.

We pride ourselves in providing consistency to maintain a uniform professionalism.  

Reputation, a family atmosphere, work ethic, respect, and quality is very important to us and we like to believe that this is the heart of our success. 


We work to create an environment that professionally connects both coasts as well as bridges the gap between Talent and Casting.

Although most of our Talent are fully trained, and highly skilled with resumes to confirm their worth, Landrum occasionally grooms newer exceptional clients to work hard, know the business, and discover their individual strengths to enhance them.  We encourage Talent to mirror efforts of professionalism and work ethic all while maintaining a polite and friendly persona. 


Landrum sees unique qualities in all people without prejudice.  It is our privilege when we can help people of all ages, heritages, beliefs, and walks of life to realize their own incredible potential and how to find it.  


Our biggest success stories come out of: Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, California, New York, Florida, Colorado and the Carolina's.  However, we will work in every state and have success even overseas in foreign markets. 

Each actor has their own journey and each is treated individually as special and unique. Our contract, although standard,is adjusted to each individual situation as needed.  SAG actors may use the SAG/Agent contract in signing with Landrum.

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