CEO and lead agent of Landrum Arts LA talent agency aka LALA (pronounced eLL-Ayy eLL-Ayy) home office located in north Louisiana with satellite offices in Covington, Louisiana, Studio City, California, Texas and currently in association with a new management team which covers the west coast, central united states and the east coast. This offers her actors full coverage around the entire country.

Dawn Landrum has been a successful business woman for over 20 years. Winner of several awards for leadership and outstanding achievement. Nominated for Woman of the Year, Dawn sets the bar when it comes to professionalism and kindness. Recently Dawn was made an honorary member of the National Association of Professional Women.

Raised and trained in California, Dawn made her way to the south where she met her husband George. George is her partner and the other lead agent of LALA.

In 2009, George and Dawn opened their own production company GeoLandFilms with intention of keeping actors working even in the slow season. As producers, George and Dawn produced their first SAG feature that filmed in Texas and Louisiana and will premier November 2010.

Due to the insistence of professionalism, integrity, all the while keeping a friendly ,mannerism, Landrum Arts LA’s reputation has soared! They are quoted as being “The number 1 agency in Louisiana” and “The hottest new agency in Hollywood.”

Many do not realize that Landrum Arts LA devoted three years after hurricane Katrina to help local displaced actors of Louisiana,Texas and Mississippi. Dawn donated funds, hundreds of hours holding free work shops, training sessions, writing articles for the newspaper and magazines, being guest speaker at public forums, high schools, middle schools and colleges, production meet ups, and other functions that promoted the film industry in efforts to ready the local actors for film and television.

Serving on the work force committee of the Northwest Louisiana Film Alliance, Dawn has been instrumental in several productions coming to Louisiana in using Louisiana’s tax incentives and local resources.

Breaching the borders between states, Dawn has booked several actors from California, Texas, Florida, and even the U.K. in Louisiana productions in lead and supporting roles in major movies and television shows. Likewise, she has booked Louisiana actors in productions in major productions in other states around the country.

Currently Dawn is working with several major productions and represents just over 150 actors, celebrities, names, familiar faces as well as rising star new-comers.

“We would rather represent a smaller number of higher quality actors than to have thousands of actors who do not bring with them the same reputation that we have worked diligently to establish. We strive to ensure productions feel comfortable coming to us knowing that all of our actors are booking ready and highly experienced. Those who know us know that I only put my name behind the best.”

She has a strict policy of never going after talent. 100% of those signed with LALA are by strong referral. ALL of their top notch talent is “booking ready” .(with exception to those few new locals who were signed during that 3 year Katrina effort)

Currently LALA represents stars such as:

  1. Emmy Award winner Pruitt Taylor Vince (Identity, Constantine, Trapped, etc)

  2. Terry Kiser (Star “Bernie” of Weekend At Bernies),

  3. Brad Maule (Dr Tony Jones on General Hospital and 7th Heaven),

  4. Allison Balson (Nancy Oleson from Little House on the Priarie),

  5. Jennifer Blanc Biehn (of Dark Angel),

  6. Tanya Newbould (X-Men),

  7. Marc Macaulay (of Monster and Premonition),

  8. Jack O’Haloran (of Superman / Dragnet)

  9. Dorian Gregory (Charmed / Deliver Us From Eva)

  10. Gavin Bristol (Twilight / Twilight: New Moon)

and several others … even some A and B listers whom Landrum represents in the southeast region…who, for confidentiality reasons must remain nameless.

When we asked Dawn Landrum why she became an agent and what motivates her ,this was her reply, ” I became an agent because I was literally begged to become one by my fellow actor friends. My favorite part of being an agent is the pleasure of making an actor’s dreams come true! However, being an agent is not an easy job!

I’m motivated by my mother. She was my biggest fan and confined to a wheelchair … stuck in her home and in pain most of her life. After I had an illness that required surgery I realized that every room of that hospital had a tv. Even in the E.R. trauma room. I saw those who were terminally ill laughing at their tv shows. Then it hit me…this is a business of helping and giving to others and helping them to escape from their pains and hardships. My mom always laughed at her favorite tv shows and was moved by her movies. Being part of what takes others away from their misery is worth every effort. I do this for them.”

Dawn is also an accomplished and published journalist, photographer, illustrator, cartoonist, artist, and now producer. She has used her writing skill to help her actors by writing short films (which her and George’s production company would shoot ) to add to and improve their performance reels.

Currently in her time off she is writing full length feature scripts…one of which is next to be produced and filmed in the south.



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